Battery cell distribution system

System for distributing battery cells from 1 to 10 lanes.

Battery cell turning station

Station for turning battery cells in the material flow by 180 °. Due to the infinitely adjustable conveyor width, a large variety of cell types can be used.

Transport cells with stickers

Multi-lane transport of cells with stickers on the side in confined spaces.

Battery cells merging

The battery cells must be brought together from 3 lanes to 2 lanes. It should be emphasized that a defined distance between the battery cells was required

Line merging

Merging of 3 conveyor lines for cell transport. The clamp conveyors transported at different conveyor speeds and ensured a smooth flow of material

Curing storage battery modules

Buffer tower for curing battery modules on workpiece carriers in confined spaces


Processed cheese transport system

System for the transport of processed cheese in round boxes. Linking of several production machines and transport over several floors.

adjustable side guides

The combination of a hinged chain conveyor with a continuously adjustable side guide enables the transport of products with different widths.

Round box feed

Automated feeding of round boxes from a storage unit including automatic ejection of incorrectly aligned round boxes to a packaging machine.

Clamping conveyor for glasses

Clamp conveyor adjustable in width for transporting glasses. Transport of products with different diameters possible. Including integration into the existing line.

APPLICATION EXAMPLES - Workpiece carrier systems

Pallet circulation gear shaft

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Line linking

Interlinking of production systems for turbo-charger production using a workpiece carrier system, including separating, positioning and lifting

Double belt system

Double-track conveyor system for transporting, separating and positioning workpiece carriers, including a manually opening passage

Workpiece carrier system

Workpiece carrier system based on a hinged chain conveyor for linking an assembly line for an automotive supplier.

APPLICATION EXAMPLES - Feed and return technology

Blister supply & return

Feeding of empty blisters towards the processing cell, positioning on the lift, return transport of the blisters on the lowest level

Timing belt for shaft transport

Feeding of raw parts and return of finished parts including positioning in the processing cell by means of a two-lane timing belt